IoT-enabled optimization insulated container for Cold Chain.

Experience seamless cold chain management with Power4Logic IoT system to provide you with visibility and control over your cold chain logistics. From monitoring temperature fluctuations to optimizing containers usage, our comprehensive solution ensures your temperature-sensitive goods are transported and stored in the optimal conditions.

20 000


100 000+

measurements per minute

9 mths

average ROI


Detailed Cold Chain tracking

Monitor temperature, humidity, shocks, and light exposure. Collect historical data, ensure real-time measurements, and track geolocation during every step of the transport process. Analyze data with precision, receive alerts, and detect violations in real-time.

What’s the ROI of precision Cold Chain monitoring with Power4Logic IceBox ?

Empower your Cold Chain logistics with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Our cutting-edge technology provides you with a complete picture of your temperature-sensitive cargo’s journey, allowing you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to maintain product quality.

Precise temperature control throughout the logistics cycle is provided by the system, ensuring food products remain within the required temperature range. This preserves their quality and safety from the logistics center to the shop’s refrigerators or chillers.

Insulated container leaks are swiftly identified by the system’s sensors, preserving the integrity of the Cold Chain. Prompt detection and mitigation, whether due to temperature variations or the container’s end-of-life cycle, safeguard product quality and consistency.

Product quality management for chilled and frozen items is enabled by the system’s comprehensive monitoring and analytics capabilities. Food retailers can effectively manage quality throughout the supply chain, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and meeting consumer expectations for freshness and safety.

Energy consumption optimization is achieved through sensor data analysis by the system, which reduces the need for heat balance equalization. Products arrive at the store at the right temperature, eliminating the necessity for freezers or cold stores and resulting in significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Refrigerant usage, such as eutectic plates or dry ice, is monitored by the system to provide insights into effectiveness and ensure appropriate levels are maintained. This sustains optimal temperature conditions within containers, preserving the integrity of perishable goods.

Container circulation monitoring is diligently executed by the system, ensuring optimal utilization and timely returns across the supply chain. Real-time and historical insights into container whereabouts enhance operational efficiency, reducing idle time and facilitating swift returns. 

The system helps optimize container use by analyzing data, making sure containers are deployed effectively according to demand.
It finds and reallocates containers not being fully used, increasing how often they’re rotated to boost operational efficiency and make the most of resources. 

Anomalies and disturbances are swiftly detected by the system, which constantly monitors sensor data using advanced algorithms. Deviations from normal operating conditions, such as unexpected temperature fluctuations, excessive shocks, or light exposure, trigger proactive intervention to prevent potential issues. 

Audit of insulated container processes. Optimizing cold supply chain conditions and circulation.

Process audit services offer invaluable insights for optimizing cold supply chain conditions. It relies on measurements collected automatically from a specific sample of logistic units, and then the findings are analyzed.

Basic (DIY device installation) Pro (full package) 
Evaluate delivery quality 
Highlight areas for potential improvements 
Assess insulated container preparation 
Check transportation under optimal conditions 
Monitor goods reception at destination 
Check container return 
Detect defective containers early 
Identify areas for reducing container usage 
Provide data-driven recommendations for improvements 
Enhance efficiency and effectiveness 
Installation of testing devices 

Interested in optimizing Cold Chain logistics with our insulated box audit services? Let’s discuss how we can enhance your operations. Contact us via the form to schedule a brief consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

What do experts want to know about the system?

The Power4Logic IceBox system is an advanced industrial IoT solution designed to optimize the transportation of fresh and frozen goods in insulated containers. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to monitor and maintain optimal conditions throughout the Cold Chain process. 

The system integrates seamlessly with insulated containers, leveraging sensors and data-driven insights to ensure precise temperature control and monitoring. By analyzing historical and real-time measurements, it enables proactive decision-making to prevent spoilage and ensure containers circulation during logistics cycle. 

Yes, the Power4Logic IceBox system is highly customizable to accommodate the unique requirements of your Cold Chain operations. For example, we can adjust the sensor gauges or adapt the infrastructure to suit your working environment or fleet-related requirements. Our team of specialists will work closely with you to tailor the system to your specific needs and goals. These changes may take some additional time to implement and develop the implementation, but it’s worth the wait. 

The Power4Logic IceBox system has been in development since 2018. Over the years, we have continuously refined and enhanced the system to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We’ve achieved one of the longest battery life spans, lasting up to 5 years, specifically designed for negative temperature environments. The entire infrastructure is capable of collecting data from numerous sensors without any lag. Last but not least, the heavy-duty case is resistant to high-pressure washing and tough usage. 

Interested in optimizing Cold Chain logistics with our insulated box audit services? Let’s discuss how we can enhance your operations together. Contact us via the form to schedule a brief consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!
Jakub Szarata


Clients who hire us as Cold Chain consultants and insulated containers transportation optimization experts include established food retail companies and franchises. 
Innovative Partnership in Printing Industry: Walstead Central Europe and Power4Logic

The Power4Logic system, equipped with advanced sensors for temperature, humidity, light and acceleration, provides Walsted with precise data, ensuring real-time control over readings.

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